Esports & Advantages of a Massively Scalable Blockchain

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association discuss “Esports & Advantages of a Massively Scalable Blockchain” together with John Brackens (CTO of Esports Entertainment Group), Adam Kling (CEO of Kronoverse), and Rahul Sood (Co-Founder and CEO of Unikrn).

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00:11 Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association introduced the experts on esports, Rahul Sood (Co-founder and CEO of Unikrn), John Brackens (CTO of Esports Entertainment Group) and Adam Kling (CEO of Kronoverse).
01:22 Introduction of John Brackens, CTO of Esports Entertainment Group
02:43 Introduction of Rahul Sood, Co-founder and CEO of Unikrn
05:24 Introduction of Adam Kling, CEO of Kronoverse
10:00 Adam Kling talks about why they chose to build on Bitcoin SV blockchain
13:17 John Brackens, Rahul Sood and Adam Kling talks about best use cases for blockchain technology in esports
27:40 John Brackens share his insight on what are the obstacles and challenges that needs to overcome in implementing blockchain technology to power the betting part of the industry
31:33 Rahul Sood talks about his experience in evaluating the blockchain and Bitcoin SV
33:44 John Brackens talks about his experience looking at the different blockchain platforms available and impression on Bitcoin SV
35:38 Adam Kling talks about his experience on building up Bitcoin SV
37:35 Rahul Sood talks about company’s plan in managing privacy and user data
38:58 John talks about health for gamers and the players in esports
40:01 Adam Kling talks about how Bitcoin SV helps Kronoverse build more complex games
41:31 Closing remarks from Jimmy Nguyen


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